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After DeSantis launch issues, Twitter’s engineering manager leaves.

The day after Ron DeSantis’ US presidential campaign on Twitter was launched, Twitter’s head of engineering announced his departure from the firm. The campaign launch was plagued by technical difficulties.

In a post, Foad Dabiri said, “After almost four incredible years at Twitter, I decided to leave the nest yesterday.”

As a result of a broken Twitter livestream, Mr. DeSantis’ introduction into the contest for the White House encountered difficulties.

Since Mr. Musk purchased the company, more than 80% of the employment has been reduced.

In a tweet, Mr. Dabiri, who served as the technical director for Twitter’s Growth division, claimed to have “experienced two distinct eras” at the business, one before and one after the multi-billionaire bought it last year.

Mr. Dabiri said that the changeover to Twitter “2.0” was “massive and rapid” in another tweet.

To say it was difficult at first would be an understatement, he continued.

Mr. Dabiri did not elaborate on his reasons for leaving Twitter or whether they had anything to do with the issues surrounding the DeSantis event there.

A BBC inquiry for comment received no immediate response from him. When contacted by the BBC regarding Mr. Dabiri’s departure, Twitter declined to comment.

As opposed to this, Mr. Dabiri stated: “Working with @elonmusk has been highly educational, and it was enlightening to see how his principles and vision are shaping the future of this company.”

An gathering to officially kick off Mr. Desantis’ campaign for the Republican presidential nomination began 20 minutes late due to technical difficulties with a Twitter livestream.

Thousands of Twitter users had deserted the service by the time the Wednesday night Twitter conversation really got going.

The Florida governor is thought to be the main rival for former President Donald Trump to be their party’s nominee in the general election of 2024.


Watch the failed Twitter feed of DeSantis in the accompanying video.

Twitter was purchased by Mr. Musk, who also owns Tesla Motors and SpaceX, in October for $44 billion (£35.4 billion).

Speaking to the BBC last month, he said that it had not been simple to reduce the employment from just under 8,000 workers at the time he purchased the company to roughly 1,500.

Thousands of staff, including engineers in charge of the site’s operations and technical debugging, have been let go since Mr. Musk took over at Twitter.

The campaign team for Mr. DeSantis moved swiftly to deflect attention away from the technical hiccups, tweeting that the announcement had “broken the internet with so much excitement” and attaching a link to the campaign website.

Bryan Griffin, his press secretary, stated that the online fundraiser raised $1 million in under one hour.

According to statistics from the Reuters news agency, the Twitter event attracted more than 600,000 listeners at one point, but by the time it was over, there were less than 300,000.

As soon as the broadcast started, Mr. DeSantis focused on his conservative credentials and praised how he handled the COVID-19 situation in his state, an anti-lockdown strategy that many Republicans praised.


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