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After leaving the hospital, Pope Francis will lead Palm Sunday services.

Pope Francis will lead Palm Sunday services the day after leaving the Maria Maggiore hospital. People on the street applauded and chanted, “Long live the Pope!” when he emerged from prayer.

During another stop, he got out of his car to give chocolate Easter eggs to police officers in his motorcade, according to the Associated Press.

The pontiff’s hospitalization came just before the busiest week in the Christian calendar.

The Holy Week schedule is packed with events and services that can be physically taxing.

According to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni, the Pope is expected to attend this weekend’s Palm Sunday service.

“I can confirm that, as he is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow [Saturday], Pope Francis will be present in St Peter’s Square on Sunday for the Eucharistic celebration of Palm Sunday, the Passion of the Lord,” Mr Bruni said in a statement.

According to the Vatican, he will also preside over the hugely popular Easter Mass next Sunday.



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