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Brigitte Macron’s great-nephew was allegedly battered in a politically motivated attack.

Eight people were arrested after France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron’s great-nephew was beaten on Monday following the French president’s TV address.

Jean-Baptiste Trogneux was beaten up by anti-government protestors in Amiens, France.

He was struck in the head, arms, and legs and is currently awaiting the results of a scan.

President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the attack, saying that “violence has no place in a democracy.”

Jean-Baptiste Trogneux was assaulted outside his family’s Amiens chocolate shop, which has been routinely targeted by demonstrators.

According to local authorities, eight persons were arrested as a result of the attack.

After neighbors helped to stop the assault, the attackers fled the scene.

Ms Macron expressed her complete support with her family and condemned the attack’s “cowardice, stupidity, and violence” on Tuesday.

“I have repeatedly denounced this violence, which can only lead to the worst,” she stated.

Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, Jean-Baptise Trogneux’s father, told French media that the attackers “crossed the line” and insulted “the president, his wife, and our family.”

“I’m astounded,” he added.

Eric Ciotti, the Republican Party’s president, condemned the attack and demanded that the perpetrators be punished.

“Yes to democratic debate, no to violence and terror,” he tweeted.


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