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Elon Musk is succeeded by Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s CEO.

The embattled social media company Twitter’s new leader, Linda Yaccarino, assumed her position sooner than anticipated.

Days after Twitter lost its second head of trust and safety, Ms. Yaccarino, who had previously served as the company’s head of advertising, joined.

Although Elon Musk had stated on May 12 that his successor would start in six weeks, it now seems that the time has been pushed up.

Additionally, Twitter disclosed that it has hired Joe Benarroch from NBCUniversal.


At the major media company, Mr. Benarroch served as senior vice president of partnerships, advertising, and communications.

He also spent some time working with Meta, the organization that created Facebook and Instagram. He will concentrate on business operations at Twitter.

Mr. Musk has stated his intention to continue working for the company.

Last year, Twitter’s millionaire founder announced that he would step down as CEO once he found “someone foolish enough to take the job.”

Following a Twitter poll in which Mr. Musk asked followers if they thought he should step down, 57.5% of respondents said yes.

Mr. Benarroch was welcomed by Ms. Yaccarino to Twitter, a social media platform with a bird as its logo.

“Welcome to the flock, @benarroch_joe,” she tweeted. between one bird and the next.

As he put it, “I am looking forward to bringing my experience to Twitter, and to working with the entire team to build Twitter 2.0 together.”

Who is the’superwoman’ of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino?
The platform, which has had trouble turning a profit, will have its business operations managed by Ms. Yaccarino, 60.

Since purchasing Twitter, Mr. Musk has eliminated 75% of its staff, including teams responsible for monitoring abuse, and altered how the business confirms legitimate accounts.

Advertisers, however, have departed in great numbers.

Ms. Yaccarino is credited with guiding NBCUniversal through the turmoil brought on by technological companies.

In her previous position, she restructured the company’s ad sales division, pushed for the release of Peacock, an ad-supported streaming service, in 2020, and spearheaded discussions about data gaps as viewers went online.

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the conclusion of Linda Yaccarino’s tweet
Late last week, rumors of the resignation of Mr. Musk’s second choice for trust and safety at Twitter began to circulate.

A month after Elon Musk seized control of the business in November 2022, Ella Irwin replaced departing leader Yoel Roth.

Content moderation, a subject that has received attention since Mr. Musk took control of the company, is the responsibility of the head of trust and safety.

Unknown factors may have led to Ms. Irwin’s resignation. It did come a day after Mr. Musk publicly criticized a Twitter content control choice.

Since spending $44 billion (£35.4 billion) to acquire Twitter, Elon Musk has faced pressure to find a new CEO and turn his attention back to his other companies, such as electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and rocket company SpaceX.

He will keep his position as executive chairman and CTO of Twitter.


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