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France captain Antoine Dupont underwent surgery for a fractured cheekbone ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Antoine Dupont, the captain of France, underwent surgery for a fractured cheekbone he sustained in the 96-0 victory over Namibia.

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) did not specify how long the scrum-half will be out, only that he would rejoin France’s team “in a few days.”

Johan Deysel’s head-on tackle in the 46th minute on Thursday led to Dupont, 26, being ejected from the game.

On October 6 against Italy, France will play its final Rugby World Cup group game.

Using social media to write Wounded but not sunk, Dupont said. There must be a show. I’m eager to rejoin the squad.

The FFR reported that Antoine Dupont underwent surgery at Toulouse’s Purpan University on September 22 at around 11 p.m. (local time) as a result of the injury he acquired during the France-Namibia game.

He will be able to rejoin the French team in a few days as part of a gradual athletic rehabilitation under medical supervision.

The quarterfinals are set for the weekend of October 14–15, the semifinals for the following weekend, and the championship game for October 28 on a Saturday.

As the hosts looked to win the championship for the first time, France attack coach Laurent Labit emphasized Dupont would remain with the team and that he had not “finished the competition” in his remarks on Friday.

Labit stated, “Antoine stays with us, everyone will be together.” “We’ll proceed as we always do with minor wounds in the hopes that the surgeon would see things favorably for Antoine and us.

“The expert will render a judgment, and Antoine will make the choice. We’ll adhere to that. We can’t plan too far in advance.

Due to a ‘bunker’ review by the television match official, Namibia captain Deysel’s yellow card—which was later escalated to a red—will be subject to a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday in Paris.

the schedule for the Rugby World Cup and BBC coverage
Mortlock anticipates Dupont to return.
Dupont will likely play once more at the World Cup, according to former Australia captain Stirling Mortlock, who was speaking on the Rugby Union Daily podcast on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Mortlock, who represented the Wallabies in 80 Test matches, claimed that throughout his playing career, he had also experienced a maxillo-zygomatic fracture similar to that of the France talisman.

“I had a depressed one, it was late in the season, and I had to have an operation to push it back out,” Mortlock remarked.

“If I had been in this circumstance, I would have told the doctors to insert a titanium plate so I could play, without a doubt.

“It really depends on how depressed and significant the fracture is, but even if it’s a significant one, I would imagine they’d be putting a titanium plate in there.”

I would be really astonished if we didn’t see him again at the World Cup, he continued.

Former Ireland winger Tommy Bowe told Rugby Union Daily that Tomas Lavanini, an Argentine lock forward, also suffered a comparable injury but would return to action “within three to four weeks.”

It’s unfortunate for the competition, but fingers are crossed nonetheless, he said.


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