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Funerals for sisters killed in the occupied West Bank are being held, according to Maia and Rina Dee.

On Sunday, the father of two British-Israeli sisters killed in a shooting in the occupied West Bank embraced their bodies as mourners sang grief songs.

Maia and Rina Dee, 20 and 15, were killed in the Jordan Valley on Friday when suspected Palestinian gunmen opened fire on their car.

Leah, their mother, is in critical condition following surgery.

The attack occurred in the midst of escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions and violence.

The low rhythmic songs swelled and swayed with the crowd, which was packed beneath the white rafters in the prayer hall at a cemetery in the Kfar Etzion settlement.

Many of those attending the funeral were teenagers, including some from Rina’s school. The family gathered at the front, near a low podium, talking and holding each other for long periods of silence.

The bodies were brought out, one in black cloth and one in blue, with a Star of David embroidered in gold and silver on each.

They were welcomed by their father, Rabbi Leo Dee, who is originally from Radlett in the United Kingdom. He sat back, his face contorted in pain, his hands reaching out to touch his three remaining children.


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