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Heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh have killed more than 20 people.

Heavy rains, according to Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, have caused landslides and flash floods in the highland state.

A temple in Shimla town had fallen earlier that day due to a landslide.

Mr Sukhu said on Twitter that nine bodies had been recovered from the scene.

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He also tweeted about a flash flood and cloudburst that killed 14 people in other regions of the state.

Thousands of visitors visit Himachal Pradesh’s hill state, particularly its capital Shimla, throughout the year to enjoy the cold weather and scenic surroundings.

However, significant rains have been falling throughout the state during the monsoon season, causing flooding, landslides, and cloudbursts, all of which have caused further damage.

Videos uploaded on social media in recent days show automobiles and structures being carried away by raging rivers, trees falling on cars, and visitors becoming trapped due to road closures.

Mr Sukhu has urged people to stay indoors and away from waterways.

For the past few days, heavy rains have been lashing the neighboring state of Uttarakhand. The mountainous state has numerous respected Hindu sites and attracts a huge number of tourists throughout the year.

The Char Dham Yatra, a pilgrimage to the four holiest locations for Hindus in the state, was postponed for two days on Monday, according to authorities.

Massive stones were seen obstructing the way to the Kedarnath shrine, which is part of the Yatra, in videos uploaded on social media.

Environmentalists have regularly expressed worry over infrastructure upgrades done in India’s Himalayan states to accommodate an influx of visitors. They claim that this might devastate these environmentally vulnerable areas, especially when paired with major weather occurrences.

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