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Morocco earthquake: Gambia coach Tom Saintfiet is ‘terrified’ after a massive earthquake kills hundreds of people.

The Belgian is in Marrakesh with his team for Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Congo.

According to the country’s interior ministry, the quake killed more than 820 people.

Its magnitude of 6.8 threw people onto the streets of Marrakesh and other cities.

What has occurred in Morocco?
The encounter was described as “shocking and terrible” by Saintfiet.

“At first, I heard a lot of noise and thought it was someone knocking on my door,” he told Mani Djazmi of the BBC World Service.

“A few seconds later, I thought a plane had crashed into the hotel because we’re so close to the airport, but then I realized it was an earthquake.”

“It seemed like only 30 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.” It was quite frightening. The walls were trembling violently, and objects were falling from the roof and walls. I’ve never seen a building move like that before.

“When it stopped, I began running around, checking to see if my teammates were also out of their rooms.”

“Then we all ran outside the hotel and went to the pool area, where we slept in the open air with the other guests because we were told we couldn’t go back to our rooms.”

“It was terrifying. We kept monitoring the news and hearing ambulances all night. It’s a dreadful event for us, but especially for the victims who lost their life and the Moroccan people.”

The game on Sunday, which was supposed to determine who advances to next year’s Afcon championships in Ivory Coast, was played in the Moroccan city of Marrakech because The Gambia’s stadium was declared inadequate to host internationals.


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