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Sacred cheetah babies pass away in an Indian national park.

At a national park in India’s Madhya Pradesh state, two cheetah cubs have passed away and a third is in serious condition.

Tuesday saw the passing of a second cub in the park.

After the animals were formally declared extinct in the nation more than 70 years ago, the cubs were the first to be born there.

They were born in March by a female cheetah that was relocated from Namibia to India the previous year.


The female cheetah and her three kids were then placed under observation, according to a press release from the park’s administration.

The cubs didn’t appear to be in “normal condition,” they claimed, and the temperature in the park had reached around 47C on Tuesday.

The cubs were discovered to be terribly dehydrated, underweight, and feeble. Despite efforts to save them, two cubs perished on Thursday, according to park authorities.

According to reports, the last cub of the litter is being treated and is in severe condition.

The Indian government formally declared cheetahs extinct in 1952. As part of an ambitious program to repopulate the species, they were reintroduced to the nation last year.

Wildlife specialists had applauded the animal’s comeback, but some had also issued warnings about possible dangers from other predators and a lack of prey.

In September 2022, eight cheetahs were relocated from Namibia to the nation; in February 2023, 12 cheetahs were brought in from South Africa.

Three of these cheetahs have passed away in the previous two months. The three cubs’ deaths bring the total to six.

The Supreme Court had voiced worry about the animal deaths earlier this month and directed the federal government to take another place into consideration for the cats.


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