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Steve Bunce’s column: Heavyweight boxing has devolved into a’relentlessly boring spectacle’

Heavyweight boxing has always had a sense of pantomime, but it has seemed unending – and brutally boring – for the last six months.

This period may come to be remembered as a void in championship heavyweight boxing. All we’ve gotten is more allegations, bold statements, unfulfilled promises, and cancelled bouts.

I keep a meticulous record of all assertions made by promoters and combatants.

For example, Tyson Fury confirmed a fight with Anthony Joshua online at 16:20 BST on June 10, 2020.

When Fury and Joshua awoke on May 11, 2021, we learned that a contract had been struck for them to fight in Saudi Arabia. Five days later, the Saudis declared that it was unquestionably on.

Only a few days later, Eddie Hearn revealed that Oleksandr Usyk will face Anthony Joshua at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and that Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder would fight for the third time. Both occurred.

I have another 50 or 60 dates and claims. It has gone on indefinitely. But in the months since Fury defeated his old rival Derek Chisora in December, even a meticulous diarist like myself has lost interest.

Fury and Usyk have been unable to agree on conditions for a fight. Fury is being labeled as greedy by Usyk’s people. Fury is making fun of Joshua, Wilder, and, in especially, Usyk.

I almost don’t want to bother keeping track of it.


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