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Suspect in Annecy stabbings being sought for attempted homicides

According to French authorities, a man is being detained on attempted murder charges after allegedly stabbing four small children in a playground in the French town of Annecy.

The kids, who were between the ages of one and three, were attacked with a knife on Thursday in a park in the Alpine area.

The suspect, who is of Syrian nationality, was accused by the prosecution of acting in a way that did not seem to be related to terrorism.

On Saturday, the 31-year-old suspect is scheduled to appear in court.


According to reports, the four kids, who included a British girl vacationing with her parents in Annecy, are no longer in critical condition.

The British girl was severely injured by the attacker’s single stab, but her injuries were not life-threatening, according to the prosecution.

The two adults who suffered injuries during the incident are also safe.

Prosecutors stated that one of the adults who was initially stabbed by the perpetrator was also struck by a police bullet while the cops tried to subdue him.

Pictures of the suspect—whose identity has not yet been made public—being taken from the police station in preparation for his court appearance were shown on French television.

A convoy of vehicles was seen departing the area after the suspect was seen being carried on a stretcher to a black sedan at the back of the police station in BFM photos.


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