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The couple was ‘horrified’ by the £110 Ryanair check-in cost.

Ruth and Peter Jaffe told the BBC that they had to pay airport check-in costs after downloading their return tickets instead of their leaving ones by mistake.

It generated a flood of complaints on social media over the airline’s pricing.

Ryanair stated that the fines were in accordance with its rules because the pair failed to check in online for the correct flight.

However, consumer rights expert Martyn James stated that the couple’s experience “touched a nerve” because many other people had been slapped with unexpected payments.

On Friday, the Jaffes of Ealing were flying from Stansted Airport to Bergerac, France.

Mrs Jaffe, 79, told the BBC’s Radio 4 Today Programme that she found Ryanair’s website “very confusing,” but that she thought she had printed their tickets the day before the trip.

She didn’t realize she had printed the wrong tickets until she arrived at the airport.

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“I was then told that I had to go to the Ryanair desk to get a boarding card, and there they charged me £55 per person,” she explained. “[I was] horrified.”

She noted that walking from one end of the airport to the other was difficult for her spouse. “I was quite flustered and upset.”

Mr. Jaffe, who is 80 years old, stated that they had no choice but to pay because they had people waiting for them in France.

Their daughter wrote on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday that her mother had committed “an honest mistake.”

“£110 for two pieces of paper that took one minute.” “Shame on you,” she said to the low-cost carrier.


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