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The Football Association has punished Wolves for homophobic chanting from their fans.

The Football Association has charged Wolves for failing to regulate fans during a match that was disrupted by homophobic chants.

When Wolves defeated Chelsea at Molineux last month, three people were arrested for alleged homophobic chants.

During the game, fans were told over the PA system that “discriminatory behavior and chants” would not be tolerated.

Wolves are now facing a fine after both clubs condemned the chanting.

The FA stated that Wolves had violated FA Rule E21 twice during the game.

According to Rule E21, a club must guarantee that spectators and/or supporters act orderly and “do not use words or otherwise behave in a way that is improper, offensive, abusive, indecent, or insulting with either express or implied reference to sexual orientation.”

The deadline for the club to react is Monday, May 15th.

A homophobic chant was directed at Chelsea players and supporters by rival fans.

Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) classified the song as a homophobic insult and stated fans who sang it during games were committing a hate crime.

The FA wrote to clubs in January, threatening disciplinary action if fans engaged in discriminatory behavior, including the homophobic chant.


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