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Twenty people were injured in the Ukraine war after a Russian strike on Dnipro.

After a purported Russian strike in Ukraine’s central city of Dnipro, twenty people were injured, and it is thought that more remain trapped.

Rescuers were seen combing the ruins of a two-story structure in a video provided by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to another source, five of the dead were children, and a man was retrieved from the rubble.

On Saturday, there were other reports of explosions in other districts of Ukraine. Russia has made no remark on the recent incidents.

Mr Zelensky regarded the Dnipro explosion as a planned Russian attack, despite Russia’s repeated denials that it targeted people during its invasion of the neighboring country.

According to the regional governor, fires broke out in a northern section of the city following the claimed walkout.

Serhiy Lysak went on to say that five children were among the victims, with three boys in critical condition.

He claimed that 17 of the 20 people injured in the incident were brought to the hospital.

On Saturday, there were reports of explosions in various sections of the country.

Officials in Sumy, in the north, reported 87 blasts as a result of Russian shelling, including injuries and infrastructure destruction.

There were also reports of more than a dozen explosions in the Russian-occupied southern cities of Berdyansk and Melitopol, however specifics were scarce.

Officials in Russia stated early on Saturday that two more people had been killed in new strikes in the border region of Belgorod.

Local authorities blamed Ukraine, though Ukraine claimed the killings were the result of Russia attempting to target fighters opposed to the government in Moscow.

In recent weeks, there has been a string of attacks in the region, most notably a massive cross-border invasion late last month, which Moscow said resulted in the deaths of 70 assailants.

Kyiv denied any direct involvement, stating the attack was carried out by Russian paramilitaries.

In other news, a senior advisor to President Zelensky has stated that his country is not yet prepared to launch its long-promised counter-offensive against occupying Russian troops.

Dr. Ihor Zhovkva cited a shortage of weaponry and ammunition in an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper.

His statements appeared to contradict those of Mr Zelensky, who had just a day earlier stated that Ukraine was ready to begin the maneuver.

According to the Sunday Times, conflicting comments from Ukrainian officials may be an intentional attempt to confuse Moscow.

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