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Twitter, now X, will discontinue its blocking tool.

However, the X CEO stated that users will still be able to block someone from directly texting them.

However, many individuals on social media have expressed concern that it will make it difficult for people to remove nasty remarks from their timeline.

It is the latest in a series of adjustments made by Mr Musk since acquiring the site in a $44 billion acquisition last year.

Currently, when users “block” an account, the postings from that account are not seen in the blocker’s timeline, and vice versa.

A blocked account can no longer send messages to the blocker or view their postings.

Former Twitter creator Jack Dorsey appeared to support Mr Musk’s decision, writing: “100%. “Mute only.”

However, there are fears that muting an account will not provide adequate protection against incidents of harassment, abuse, or stalking.

Currently, the mute function simply disables alerts concerning an account’s posts. A muted account can still access and respond to the muter’s posts.

One user termed Mr Musk’s choice a “huge mistake,” claiming that the network is full with “toxic people” with whom users do not wish to contact in any way.

Removing a blocking function may also contravene the rules and regulations of online marketplaces such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Both shops include terms indicating that social media apps should provide users with the ability to filter harassment or bullying.

It’s possible that X is no longer available in certain stores.

If the policy is implemented, it is unclear whether all prohibited accounts will be instantly unblocked.

Users can, however, make their account private, hiding their tweets from the public and enabling only accepted followers to access their postings.

When Elon Musk took over the social media site, he made a number of changes, including firing the company’s top executives and instituting a fee for the site’s “blue tick” – or verification – feature.

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