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Women’s World Cup 2023: Spain’s Jorge Vilda declares their players are ‘eternal’ after defeating England

Boos rang out in the stadium when Spain’s ecstatic manager was featured on the big screen being greeted by Spain’s Queen Letizia after his players celebrated winning the World Cup for the first time after defeating England 1-0.

Vilda had gazed up to the sky, raised his hands, and screamed with glee moments before when the referee called time on the contest, confirming Spain as world champions.

Vilda has been dogged by controversy at every stage of this tournament, and even victory did not provide an escape.

With Spain entering the tournament amid turbulence and a number of players unhappy with Vilda, who had survived a player mutiny to keep his job, this will go down as one of the most extraordinary successes in Women’s World Cup history.

The Spanish football federation (RFEF) issued a statement saying that 15 players had sent identical emails stating that they would not play for Vilda unless “significant” worries about their “emotional state” and “health” were addressed.

The “Las 15,” as the players were dubbed, refuted rumors that they had begged Vilda, 42, to be fired, but tensions rose amid reports of concerns about training techniques and insufficient game preparation.

Yet in Australia and New Zealand, his players set aside their disagreements to conquer the world in an astonishing style at just their third World Cup, prompting Spain’s official Twitter account to post: ‘VILDA IN’.

“The girls are eternal now, and they have a star on their chest forever,” Vilda explained. “It’s been a breeze [managing the group].”

“We are a family, world champions with a family of players.”


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