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1989 by Taylor Swift: Why did Taylor rerecord it and what’s new in her version?

When Taylor Swift’s newly re-recorded version of 1989, her best-selling album to date, was released overnight, fans flocked to hear it.

Swifties posted on social media that technical issues on some streaming services were brought on by the demand for “Taylor’s version” of the 2014 album.

It’s the most recent in Swift’s series of re-recordings as she seeks to regain control over her older music.

Five previously unheard songs from the era are mixed in with hits like Shake It Off.

Is It Over Now? is one of the songs, and its lyrics about calling an ex-boyfriend a “lying traitor” have sparked wild theories about who she might be talking about.

Swift became a true superstar after her debut album won the Grammy for album of the year.

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