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71-3 New Zealand Namibia: The All Blacks score 11 tries, but Ethan de Groot is sent off.

New Zealand stormed to their 50th Rugby World Cup victory, thrashing Namibia with 11 tries, but Ethan de Groot was sent out late for a reckless contact.

De Groot was handed a yellow card in the final 10 minutes for a high tackle on Adriaan Booysen, but a ‘bunker’ review upgraded it to a red.

Within 25 minutes, the All Blacks had scored a bonus-point fourth try.

Daminzie and Cam Roigard both scored twice to put them up 38-3 at the half.

English referee Luke Pearce had initially issued a yellow card to De Groot when his shoulder touched the head of substitute Booysen in a sloppy tackle.

However, with no mitigation, his call was quickly improved.

“We’ll look into it; there was a lot of shoulder to shoulder in that contact,” New Zealand head coach Ian Foster said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“We’ll see what happens if we compare it to something that happened yesterday.”

On Thursday, France’s Romain Taofifenua avoided a red card for a high tackle, prompting further concerns about officials’ uneven rulings at the Rugby World Cup.


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