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A cough syrup manufacturer in Indonesia was jailed following child deaths.

They were fined one billion Indonesian rupiah ($63,029; £51,7130) and given two-year prison terms.

The company, Afi Farma, was charged with manufacturing cough syrups with excessive levels of hazardous materials.

According to the company’s attorney, they denied any negligence and the company was thinking about filing an appeal.

Prasetya Harahap, the CEO of Afi Farma, and the other defendants had each been asked to serve seven to nine years in prison by the prosecution.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the company received two batches of propylene glycol, which is used to make cough syrup, between October 2021 and February 2022.

The prosecutor stated that 96% to 99% of ethylene glycol was present in these batches. Both materials have applications as solvent additives. Despite being widely used and non-toxic, propylene glycol


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