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After fan protests, the kick-off time for the Community Shield was moved up by 90 minutes.

After supporters complained about “inconvenient scheduling,” the Football Association altered the kickoff time for the Community Shield.

Manchester City will face Arsenal in the customary season opener at Wembley Stadium.

City fans were dissatisfied with the initial intentions for a 17:30 BST start on August 6 due to concerns about public transportation.

The game will now begin on the same day at 16:00 BST.

WeAre1894, a City fan club, had called for supporters to boycott the game due to “significant travel challenges.”

Some fans had even started donating to a local foodbank instead of purchasing a match ticket.

“Having contacted the FA to express our reservations and clarify why the kick-off time of 17.30 BST on a Sunday was originally chosen, we are pleased that the decision to bring forward kick-off has now been made,” a Manchester City spokeswoman stated.

“While we recognize that this will not completely alleviate travel issues for our fans, and while we would have preferred an earlier kick-off time, we hope that the new kick-off time will make a difference.”

The FSA predicted Wembley Stadium would have vacant seats.
The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) stated that it appreciated the outpouring of emotion in response to the prior kick-off time.

Prior to the game’s relocation, an FSA representative informed BBC Sport: “What used to be an early to mid-afternoon game is now being held on a Sunday evening at the request of the FA’s broadcasters.”

“Manchester City fans are understandably upset, with some calling for boycotts, over the Community Shield’s inconvenient scheduling, which will force many to make difficult decisions about transportation and time off.”

“This decision to prioritize the needs of broadcasters over the needs of match-goers will undoubtedly result in empty seats and sour what should be an otherwise exciting season-opener.”

The Community Shield is a match contested at the start of the English football season between the Premier League and FA Cup winners from the previous season.

Because Manchester City won both competitions, Arsenal, the Premier League’s second-placed team, will play in the match.


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