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AI summit: Rishi Sunak says policymakers need to talk about the risks associated with AI

The prime minister acknowledged that although AI promised “transformative” change, it also carried the risk of societal ills like bias and misinformation.

Along with academics and tech executives, about 28 countries are present at the summit.


Delegates reached a consensus on a joint statement on Wednesday, urging international collaboration to address the dangers of AI.


The US, China, and the European Union were among the nations that signed the Bletchley Declaration, which took its name from the Buckinghamshire park where the summit is being held, Bletchley Park.


AI “presents enormous global opportunities,” according to the agreement, but it should be developed in a way that is “human-centric, trustworthy, and responsible.”


It was the first international declaration on “border” issues in history. AI, as used by the government


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