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Ajax vs. Feyenoord: The abandoned De Klassieker will be finished behind closed doors on Wednesday.

Feyenoord led 3-0 after 56 minutes at the Johan Cruyff Arena when the game was called off due to flares and fireworks thrown onto the pitch by home fans.

The game will end at 14:00 local time with no spectators present.

The match between Ajax and FC Volendam, planned for Wednesday, has been rescheduled.

Ajax stated in a statement that they disagree with the decision to conclude the game on Wednesday due to fixture congestion and are exploring legal action.

The Amsterdam side claims that the match will not be restarted until the first week of November, and that Volendam’s participation in the first round of the KNVB Cup at the end of October complicates matters further.

“Due to the completion of an abandoned match, the KNVB is now adjusting the competition and cup program for four clubs.” This affects not only the clubs, but also the fans,” Ajax stated.

Volendam also expressed dissatisfaction with the KNVB’s decision to postpone the game, stating that they will “investigate what the club’s rights are.”

In their own statement, the KNVB stated that the game needed to be resumed as quickly as possible in order to retain the league’s credibility.

“The fundamental principle is that competition must be as fair as possible, and that a match should preferably be decided on the field.” The game must then be restarted as quickly as possible,” it stated.

The match between the two most fervent rivals in the Netherlands, known as De Klassieker, had already been delayed twice before being called off when flares and rockets landed on the pitch.

A notice on the large screen inside the stadium advised Ajax fans that “the lighting of fireworks is prohibited,” yet some supporters ignored the message.


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