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Amazon reminds employees to return to work.

After their attendance was recorded, Amazon employees in the United States received a warning notice from the company for not spending enough time in the office.

Some employees were informed that they were “not currently meeting our expectation of joining your colleagues in the office at least three days per week.”

Amazon is hardly the only tech behemoth to abandon the flexible work regulations imposed during the pandemic.

Disney has already done so, and Zoom has instructed personnel to go to the office this week.

Amazon’s office attendance mandate for American employees went into force in May, requiring them to “badge in” to the workplace at least three days per week.

The email, which was sent this week and obtained by the BBC, was sent to employees who have worked fewer than three days per week for five or more of the previous eight weeks, or for three or more of the previous four weeks.

It appeared to aggravate already-existing tensions within the organization, since some employees claimed they had received the email in error.

In June, several Amazon employees in the United States staged a walkout to oppose the return-to-work campaign.

They said that morale at the corporation had reached a “all-time low” as a result of a succession of “short-sighted decisions” by officials.

Some employees questioned whether the warnings were a precursor to a more stringent attendance requirement.

In response to the complaints, Amazon stated that the message was sent to employees who did not follow the guideline despite the fact that their facility was ready for staff to return.

Amazon also conceded that in some situations, the alerts were sent out by error.

“While we’ve taken several steps to ensure that this email was delivered to the correct recipients, we acknowledge that there may be instances where we got it wrong,” the business added.

Many businesses choose remote work during pandemic-related lockdowns. Because of the flexibility and autonomy it provides workers, it is significantly more prevalent than it was before Covid.

Some businesses are reversing their policies because to concerns that they may harm productivity, although the vast majority have adopted some form of mixed working.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy stated in a statement to staff in May that the increased attendance standards will help boost communication, career development, and corporate culture.


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