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Andros Townsend: Luton winger feels minor improvements can help him extend his career, including eating chicken feet.

Andros Townsend discusses why he eats chicken feet on Monday Night Club.
winger for Luton Town Andros Townsend claims he is putting in “little 1%” effort to extend his career, including eating chicken feet for dinner.

Townsend, 32, left Everton in the summer and joined the Hatters on a season-long loan in October.

With a significant knee injury, he missed the conclusion of the 2021-22 season and the entire 2022-23 season.

“I only have a three-month contract.” “Luton need to use me immediately, and I need to make sure I’m fit,” he explained.

Townsend explained on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club that he resorted to natural alternatives after questioning why he was taking so many different additional pills and shots to assist his body recover from the rigors of the game.

“Chicken feet are one of the best natural sources of collagen.” “It’s simple,” continued Townsend, who received his 13th England cap in 2016.

“It tastes like a chicken wing.” It is low in flesh and high in cartilage along the bone. It has skin all around it. It’s quite lovely. It is widely consumed in China, South Africa, and Portugal.

“It’s 20 minutes in the steam oven and get it down you.”

“A lamb’s heart is another one I’ve just ordered to try,” Townsend said of his efforts to find marginal advantages in his diet and other off-pitch routines in order to stay in peak shape. I’m using mouth tape to help me sleep.

“All I know is that I am 32 years old, that I have been out of the game for two years, and that I feel absolutely incredible.”

“When I was 27, 28, it took me so long to recover from games – I’d be struggling for the rest of the week and sort of managing myself.” Now I feel so much better and ready to go for Monday.

“I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I think all these little 1%s add up.” Nutrition and recovery, the hyperbaric chamber, red-light treatment, flow therapy… everything I do appears to be working.”

The former Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, and Crystal Palace winger appeared to be on his way to Burnley before the club retracted their contract offer.

Since his arrival at Kenilworth Road, he has made four appearances.


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