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As part of a plan to fight anti-Semitism, the Italian FA has banned players from wearing the number 88 on their shirts.

As part of a plan to fight anti-Semitism in football across the country, Italy has told players they can’t wear the number 88.

On Tuesday, members of Italy’s government and Gabriele Gravina, the head of the Italian Football Association (FIGC), signed a deal about this.

A German Nazi phrase can be linked to the number 88.

The deal also says that games can be stopped “if anti-Semitic chants, acts, or words are heard or seen.”

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Matteo Piantedosi, Italy’s Interior Minister, said, “It is a good and effective way to stop an intolerable form of racism that still happens too often in our stadiums.”

“Anti-Semitism must be fought hard, along with everything else that rejects, hates, and discriminates against people, social groups, and minorities.

“The signed declaration of intent is just the first step in a bigger plan that will lead to a new document on preventing and fighting all kinds of racism and discrimination in sports.”

During Lazio’s win against Roma in March, a fan wore a shirt with the number 88 on the back, and two other fans were part in what seemed to be an anti-Semitic act.

Lazio said that the three fans would be banned from going to games at Stadio Olimpico for the rest of their lives.


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