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Because of safety concerns, the Tour Feminin des Pyrénées has been canceled.

The Tour Feminin des Pyrénées was called off after two stages due to safety concerns.

Riders claimed that several routes were not closed to traffic and that there were not enough marshals for the three-day race in south-west France.

The racing conditions were “extremely dangerous,” according to Adam Hansen, president of the riders’ organization CPA.

The “excessive presence” of cars on the road, he claimed, had caused “significant panic” among racers.

Several teams withdrew before Sunday’s final stage, prompting the governing board to issue a statement.

“The Tour des Pyrenees has been halted to ensure the safety of the riders,” announced the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

“After consulting with key event stakeholders such as the CPA, teams, commissaires, and the organizing committee, today’s stage will not take place.”

On Saturday, riders protested the lack of safety by stopping racing during the second stage.

According to the CPA, competing teams voted, with 17 opposing the final stage proceeding and seven in favor.

“Considering the safety risks involved, we firmly believe that a bike race is not worth endangering the lives of female cyclists,” Hansen stated.

“As a result, we support the women’s decision to discontinue the race, and we believe the race results, including UCI points, should remain unchanged, ensuring that the women are duly recognized and rewarded for their efforts.”

The event, which debuted in 2022, was set to begin in Argeles-Gazost and end in Bosdarros.

Marta Cavalli of FDJ Suez was wearing the leader’s jersey after the second stage.


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