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British Airways employees will have a 13% wage increase.

Workers will also receive a one-time payment of £1,000, but pilots and managers will be exempt, according to the agreement.

After months of negotiations, the agreement reduces the risk of interruption as demand for air travel rises.

Workers are pressing for increased pay in a variety of industries as inflation remains high.

In the United Kingdom, the rate of overall price increases has been consistently high.

While inflation has slowed slightly, it remains at 7.9%, significantly above the Bank of England’s target of 2%.

Unite’s wage talks centered on mitigating the effects of inflation on workers.

According to the union, the agreement also reversed salary decreases beginning in 2020.

The “significant pay increase” occurred after “detailed negotiations,” according to Unite general secretary Sharon Graham.

It comes as the aviation industry prepares for one of the busiest months of the year, with families planning vacations during the UK’s school summer vacation.

Will this summer vacation be marred by travel chaos?
Easyjet cancels 1,700 flights between July and September.
Airlines are wary of repeating the airport mayhem that occurred last summer as the industry dealt with a rise in demand following the outbreak.

There have been more issues since then, with walkouts across the industry causing delays in flight schedules.

Strikes by French air traffic controllers have exacerbated airspace congestion throughout the continent, causing budget airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet to cancel thousands of flights.

Recently, British Airways was fortunate to avoid disruption after a wave of ground handlers’ strike was called off.

It represents a significant turnaround for the airline, which laid off almost 10,000 people during the pandemic.

British Airways has since hired hundreds more employees as travel demand approaches 2019 levels.

IAG, the corporation that controls British Airways, reported record half-year profits of £1.1 billion last week, aided by increased tickets and a steady rebound in travel.

British Airways refused to comment on the salary agreement.


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