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Can anyone stop Pep Guardiola’s Premier League champions Manchester City?

Manchester City’s fifth Premier League victory in six years, and the manner in which it was won, must fill those looking for ways to unseat Pep Guardiola’s great winners with dread.

City retained their title with a win over Arsenal on Saturday, which will be alarming for any competitors seeking for indications of a slowing in their insatiable thirst for success.

Indeed, rather from displaying any symptoms of familiarity with silverware, City’s desire to inflict and maintain their superiority on those they have pursued and steamrolled appears to be sharpening.

City is the first team since Manchester United in 2006-07, 2007-08, and 2008-09 to win the Premier League three seasons in a row.

They are also on set to repeat United’s historic accomplishment of 1999, becoming only the second English club to win the Premier League as well as the FA Cup and Champions League.

Guardiola’s brilliance has created a dynasty that will only become stronger. This is a machine that has no evident flaws, constructed by one of the game’s top managers.

The Premier League charged the club earlier this year with more than 100 violations of its financial regulations between 2009 and 2018, but City, which has always denied any financial misconduct, says they “look forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all.”

They will already be strong favourites to win the title again next season, but other clubs chasing the trophy have a limited summer window to devise a strategy to derail this seemingly unstoppable footballing juggernaut.


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