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Carrie Johnson, Boris Johnson’s wife, is expecting their third child.

Carrie Johnson, the wife of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced that she is expecting her third child.

Mrs Johnson shared the news on Instagram, saying she had been “pretty exhausted” over the past eight months, but “we can’t wait to meet this little one” in a few weeks.

The pair, who married in May 2021, already has two children, Wilf, three, and Romy, two.

Mr Johnson’s previous marriage to Marina Wheeler produced four children.

Mrs Johnson wrote on Instagram, “Wilf is v excited about being a big brother again and has been chattering about it nonstop.”

“I don’t think Romy knows what’s coming…She will shortly!”

Mr Johnson, who left Downing Street in September, was the first prime minister in over 200 years to marry while in office.

He had previously been married to Ms Wheeler, with whom he had four children, and this was his third marriage. In 2020, their divorce was finalized. He has another child from an extramarital affair.

With his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, he had no children.

In a 2021 interview, Mr Johnson said it was “fantastic” but “a lot of work” to live in No. 10 with a baby.


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