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ChatGPT is now available in Italy.

In Italy, access to the ChatGPT chatbot has been restored.

The Italian data protection authorities prohibited it in early April due to privacy concerns.

Its creator, OpenAI, which is supported by Microsoft, stated that it had “addressed or clarified” the flaws presented.

It stated that its privacy policy was now available to people when they enrolled for ChatGPT, and that a new tool was available to verify the age of users.

The Italian data protection regulator, known as Garante, had temporarily banned the chatbot and initiated an investigation into the possible breach of the artificial intelligence program.

After Garante accused OpenAI of failing to verify the age of ChatGPT’s users, who are supposed to be 13 or older, OpenAI announced that it would provide a tool to verify users’ ages in Italy upon sign-up.

OpenAI also stated that it would create a new form for European Union users to utilize in order to exercise their right to object to its usage of personal data to train its models.

The Italian regulator informed the BBC that it “welcomed the measures OpenAI implemented” but demanded even more compliance.

The spokesperson emphasized the importance of “implementing an age verification system and planning and conducting an information campaign to inform Italians of what happened as well as their right to opt-out from the processing of their personal data for training algorithms.”

Garante stated that it will continue its “fact-finding activities concerning OpenAI under the umbrella of the ad hoc task force established by the European Data Protection Board.”

An OpenAI spokeswoman expressed gratitude to the Garante for being helpful and stated that ongoing productive dialogue would continue.

ChatGPT has been utilized by millions of individuals since its inception in November 2022.


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