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England captain Owen Farrell will miss the first two World Cup pool games after his red card was reinstated.

The England captain’s four-game suspension means he will miss the group matches against Argentina and Japan, as well as two warm-up games.

An independent judicial body overturned Farrell’s red card, which was again reversed on Tuesday.

The tackle was “always illegal” according to the appeal committee.

When Farrell made a high tackle on Taine Basham during England’s 19-17 win over Wales on August 12, he became the first England player to get a red card under rugby’s new ‘bunker’ review system.

The appeal committee determined that the disciplinary committee should have evaluated Farrell’s attempt to wrap his opponent in the tackle during the original hearing.

As a result, the appeal committee found that no mitigation could be made for the tackle, and that the decision to overturn the red card was a mistake, leading to Farrell’s suspension.

The punishment will include last weekend’s 29-10 loss to Ireland in Dublin, which the appeal committee stated Farrell “voluntarily stood down” from playing in after World Rugby revealed its decision to appeal ahead of time.

England is improving on tackle technique every day, according to Care.
What is the significance of Farrell’s red card?
The 31-year-old will also miss England’s final warm-up game against Fiji, as well as the opening two pool fixtures, this weekend at Twickenham. He will be available to play again against Chile on September 23.

England’s first World Cup match is against Argentina on September 9 in Marseille.

World Rugby stated that “player welfare is the number one priority” while initiating its appeal against the ban’s overturning.

In order to improve player safety, the RFU approved a reduction in tackle height for the community game in England in January, while tightening restrictions around high tackles in the professional game intended to help further.

England’s eighth position Billy Vunipola is also scheduled to appear before the disciplinary panel after receiving a red card in the loss to Ireland for a high tackle that resulted in direct head contact on Ireland prop Andrew Porter.

If Vunipola is suspended for more than one game, England will be without their only specialist number eight for the start of the campaign.


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