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England will face Scotland in the inaugural Women’s Nations League event.

The inaugural Women’s Nations League has drawn England and Scotland together.

They will also face the Netherlands and Belgium in the tournament’s League A Group A1, which begins in September.

In League A Group A3, Wales will face Euro 2022 finalists Germany, Denmark, and Iceland.

Northern Ireland has been drawn in League B Group B1 alongside the Republic of Ireland, Hungary, and Albania.

The group stage will take place between September and December, with the finals and promotion/relegation matches taking place in February 2024.

The Nations League standings will assist determine which league teams will compete in for the 2025 European Championship and 2027 World Cup qualifications.

The Euro 2025 qualifiers, which begin in spring 2024, will also determine the Nations League groupings for the following season.

The Nations League finals will also determine which three European teams will compete in the Olympics every four years.


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