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England wins 50-24. Canada: The Red Roses win the first match of a two-match series in Exeter.

England cruised to a 50-24 victory over Canada in the first of two Tests in preparation for next month’s first WXV competition.

Helena Rowland scored 20 points in the Red Roses’ first game since winning the Grand Slam in April at Sandy Park.

Rowland and Ellie Kildunne both scored twice, as did Mackenzie Carson, Maisy Allen, Marlie and Lucy Packer.

Canada’s efforts came from Justine Pelletier, Tyson Beukeboom, Emily Tuttosi, and Maddy Grant.


England’s starting lineup is as follows: Kildunne; Breach, Rowland, Heard, Dow; Aitchison, L Packer; Carson, Atkin-Davies, Bern, Galligan, O’Donnell, Talling, M Packer (capt), Aldcroft.

Powell, Botterman, Muir, Beckett, Allen, Hunt, Jones, and MacDonald are the replacements.

Tessier, Farries, Bermudez, Grant, Symonds, Gallagher, Pelletier, Hunt, Tuttosi, Menin, Beukeboom, Holtkamp, Senft, Forteza, De Goede.


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