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Euro 2024: Adidas ball technology will allow for faster offside and handball calls, according to Uefa.

The ‘Fussballliebe’ employs Adidas’ linked ball technology to communicate data to officials in real time.

According to Uefa, the ball will provide “unprecedented insight into every element of the movement of the ball, contributing to the video assistant referee (VAR) decision-making process” .

The technology detects when a touch occurs but not where on the body.

Officials will then utilize camera photos to determine whether a handball occurred, just as they do now.

Uefa feels that such decisions should be made more quickly, as well as with more precise offside calls.

“Combining player position data with artificial intelligence (AI), the innovation contributes to Uefa’s semi-automated offside technology and will be key to supporting faster in-match decisions,” Uefa said in a press release.

“The technology can also help VAR officials to identify every individual touch of the ball, further reducing time spent resolving handball and penalty incidents.”

VAR has come under fire across Europe, particularly in the Premier League, with several managers speaking out against how the technology is employed.

The Premier League chose not to use semi-automated offsides this season because its sponsor Nike has yet to deliver a ball that top-flight clubs are satisfied with.

Euro 2024 will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024.


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