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Fabio Grosso: Lyon fires their manager after seven games in charge of a struggling team

Grosso, 46, is leaving Lyon, the seven-time French winners, at the bottom of the table after only one win in seven Ligue 1 games.

He was fired less than 11 weeks after taking over for Laurent Blanc, who was fired, in September.

Lyon won their last championship in 2007–08. They have announced that Frenchman Pierre Sage will be in charge for a short time.

“Olympique Lyonnais would like to thank Fabio Grosso and his assistants for their dedication and professionalism since taking over the professional team,” Lyon stated.

On Sunday, Lyon lost 2-0 to Lille at home. After 12 games, they had seven points, five points behind the teams that were safe.

Grosso was badly hurt in an attack on the team’s bus in Marseille in October. He used to play for Lyon from 2007 to 2009 and was an Italy international.

His assistant Raffaele Longo and he were both hit by objects and hurt their faces. The Lyon manager’s eye was bandaged.

Grosso helped Italian team Frosinone get promoted to Serie A last season. He also helped Lyon get their only win of the season against Rennes in early November.

His deal was set to end in June 2024, but on Saturday, academy teacher Sage will take over at Lens.


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