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Former Spain head coach Jorge Vilda is being looked into as part of the Luis Rubiales criminal case.

The aftermath from the actions of Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) head Rubiales at the World Cup final on August 20 led to Vilda’s dismissal this month.

Jenni Hermoso claims that Rubiales kissed her in front of her without her consent.

He rejects the accusations of coercion and sexual assault.

On October 10, Vilda will appear before the National Court of Spain.

According to Spanish media, Vilda is under investigation for his suspected involvement in coercing Hermoso, who claimed that she, her family, and friends were under pressure to justify Rubiales’ acts. Vilda refuted this.

Men’s national team director Albert Luque and RFEF head of marketing Ruben Rivera are also under investigation after being questioned as witnesses.

A restraining order prohibiting Rubiales from


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