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Hundreds of stolen artifacts have been recovered in Greece.

Greece claims to have recovered hundreds of looted artifacts, including a bronze figure of Alexander the Great from the second century.

Officials say the hoard was found after a legal struggle with the company of a British antiquities merchant.

Robin Symes had amassed thousands of pieces as part of an unlawful trading network.

For years, Greece has fought to retrieve looted artifacts from museums and private collections around the world.

Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said on Friday that 351 artifacts from Symes’ collection would be returned following a 17-year court fight.

Ms Mendoni did not specify whether the artifacts were linked to the 2016 discovery of a haul of archaeological treasures claimed to have been stashed by Symes at the Geneva freeport in Switzerland by Italian and Swiss authorities.

The Parthenon Sculptures are arguably the most high-profile artworks in the argument over whether museums should return objects to their country of origin.

Lord Elgin, a British soldier and diplomat, pulled them from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the early nineteenth century. In 1816, the British government purchased the sculptures and placed them in the British Museum.

Talks about their return are thought to be moving forward.


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