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Ivan Toney: The Football Association will thwart any attempt to circumvent the ban by leaving England.

Brentford striker Ivan Toney would be barred from attempting to avoid his eight-month suspension by joining a team outside of England.

After admitting 232 violations of Football Association betting rules, Toney was suspended until January 2024 and fined £50,000 by an independent panel.

The ban, which will be enforced by the FA, is only valid in England.

However, it is anticipated that the governing body would request that the 27-year-old’s suspension be extended globally.

This would preclude the striker from being loaned out somewhere to serve his sentence.

The FA has yet to receive the written reasons for Toney’s suspension from the independent panel.

Brentford striker punished for eight months for betting violations
‘Toney’s future for club and country is now uncertain.’
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If Toney were to leave England, the FA would be compelled to hand over the 27-year-old’s registration.

At that point, it would notify international regulatory body Fifa and the football association of the buying or lending club that Toney was banned, triggering the suspension to be implemented globally.



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