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John Wick: Chapter 4 – Keanu Reeves film receives the best reviews of the franchise

Keanu Reeves’ ex-hitman John Wick is back, and he appears to be getting better with age, with his return for a fourth installment earning the action thriller franchise its best reviews yet.

Rotten Tomatoes, a website that assigns ratings based on critic reviews, gave John Wick: Chapter 4 a very positive 95%.

The second and third films received 89%, while the original received 86%.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Chapter 4 “outdoes its formidable predecessors in nearly every way.”

Wick is pursued by the High Table, a global criminal organization, in the film, which will be released on Friday.

Jesse Hassenger of the NME called it “an all-action blockbuster that really gives its all,” while Charlotte O’Sullivan of the Evening Standard called it “preposterously enjoyable.”

“JW4 is going to be massive, and it’s easily the most satisfying entry of the bunch,” she added.

No one could have predicted in 2014 that Wick would “revolutionize American action movies,” according to Rolling Stone’s David Fear, who called the film series “deliriously pleasurable.”

He went on to say that it has “established itself as the most reliable film franchise this side of Mission: Impossible.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck, the new chapter is “pure, over-the-top action spectacle,” and it’s “bigger, badder, bolder, longer, and featuring nearly more spectacular set pieces than one movie can comfortably handle.”

“Reeves devotes himself so completely to the role’s insane physical demands that he deserves an award, if not for acting, then for simply surviving.”


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