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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager wants to know if the FA fine will be donated to a “good cause.”

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has stated that he will only pay his £75,000 Football Association punishment if the money goes to “a good cause.”

The German stated that he would “like to know” and that “if it does, I’m willing to pay it.” If not, we need to talk again.”

After a 4-3 win against Tottenham, Klopp earned a fine and a two-match ban for comments towards referee Paul Tierney.

However, he stated that a suspension for Saturday’s game against Aston Villa will make “not a lot” of difference to him.

Klopp will be in the stands for his team’s final home game of the season, working with coach Vitor Matos and assistant Pep Lijnders to ensure the players receive the proper instructions.

“I’m in constant contact with Vito; he’ll have to call with the headset,” Klopp stated.

“We can discuss anything, substitutions, and the like.” “Pep is a fantastic coach, and he will be there,” he stated.

Klopp received a one-match suspension at Anfield in November after collecting a red card against Manchester City.

“It’s just one game; it’ll be the same process as the Southampton game.” “I can watch the game from a better vantage point and communicate with my coaches,” he explained.

“From a spectator’s standpoint, it’s a much better position.” It was quite useful in the Southampton game. I’ll sit next to our analysts and provide them some advice.”

Klopp, on the other hand, quipped that his voice could still reach his players from the stands if necessary.

“Nobody will shout like me if they don’t track back in the 70th minute and these kinds of things,” he explained.

“I sit far away, but if the game isn’t going well, I can make it happen.” At the very least, my voice is fine.”


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