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Kuno: The seventh cheetah to perish in India since its reintroduction

According to a top officer at Kuno National Park, the cheetah died as a result of suspected infighting.

Officials discovered the male cheetah, Tejas, with injuries.

Cheetahs were declared extinct in India in 1952, but they were reintroduced last year as part of a large-scale reintroduction plan.

In September 2022, eight cheetahs were relocated from Namibia to the country, while 12 were brought in from South Africa in February 2023.

Three of these cheetahs died in the last two months. Three pups born in March to a Namibian cheetah in Kuno died in May.

The cubs were discovered to be sickly, underweight, and highly dehydrated, according to park officials at the time. Adult cheetahs perished from a variety of causes, including kidney disease and mating injuries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the reintroduction of cheetahs into the country with great excitement. Wildlife experts hailed the decision, although some cautioned of potential threats to the cats from other predators and a lack of prey.

In May, the Supreme Court voiced worry about the animal deaths and requested the federal government to explore moving the cats to another area.

Cheetahs have a high symbolic importance in India since they appear in numerous folktales. However, it is the only large animal to have gone extinct since 1947 due to hunting, diminishing habitats, and a shortage of prey.


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