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London travel: Uber starts taking black cab sign-ups

However, the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), which has more than 10,000 members, said that Uber’s “unilateral announcement” did not involve any talks with them first.

Stephen McNamara of the LTDA said that working for Uber would “taint” the trade.

Uber said that a “small number” of taxi drivers had already signed up, though.

The US-based company also said it wanted to hire “several hundred” people by January.

LTDA general secretary Mr. McNamara said that the drivers it represented had “no demand for this partnership.” He also said that London’s cabbies had seen “significant growth since the pandemic, with record demand for cabs, more work through taxi apps, and huge amounts of investment being made in new electric taxis.”

“We don’t believe our members will even consider joining the app, given its well-documented poor record on everything from passenger safety to workers’ rights in London,” he stated.

Uber has always said that it works “legally” in London.

Uber was given permission to work in London.
London did not stop Uber, even though it had “failed in the past.”
The service that lets you call a taxi said that Hameed Hameedi, who finished the Knowledge in 2015, was the first London taxi driver to sign up.

“Uber opening up to black cabs will be a huge advantage to the trade,” stated Mr. Hameedi.

“App bookings help me find work because I know where my next job is.” Cab drivers make more money when more people book trips.

London cab driver Howard Taylor, on the other hand, said he would “never consider joining Uber.”

“London black cabs are the gold standard,” he stated.

If black cab drivers sign up, Uber says it will give them six months of free commission for app orders.


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