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Mayor Tom Tate says that Gold Coast is ready to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026.

The 2018 Games will be held in a coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland, which is getting ready to hold the 2032 Games in Brisbane.

Tate says that putting on the Commonwealth Games will help with these plans.

His plan to save people is “fully supported” by Athletics Australia, which is in charge of sports in the country.

Athletics Australia said, “We are sure that the city is in a great place to move forward.”

“As we saw in 2018, the Gold Coast has an amazing ability to host high-quality Games that have a big effect on Australian sports.

“Because the city has a chance to make a difference for athletes training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032, we are sure that it can keep the spirit of the Commonwealth Games.”

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) had a hard time finding a host until April 2022, when Victoria offered to do it.

Thursday, a CGF spokesperson said that they had “not even begun” to look into other places to host the 2026 Games.


A spokesperson said, “Right now, we’re thinking about our legal options and a fair way to end the contract with Victoria.”

“The huge amount of support from all over the world has given us hope, and it’s great to see how excited people are about the Games.”

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, said on Tuesday that the state would no longer host the event because the cost had risen and was “well and truly too much” for the state to handle.

After Durban, South Africa, had to back out of hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games in March 2017 because of financial problems, Birmingham decided to take over.


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