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Mining behemoth BHP claims it underpaid employees for 13 years.

BHP, an Australian mining corporation, claims that for 13 years, has underpaid both present and former employees nationwide.

A examination by the company revealed that some 28,500 workers were denied the full amount of vacation time they were entitled to.

400 employees, meanwhile, were not given additional benefits “due to an error with the employment entity.”

BHP claims it has informed the appropriate authorities about the event and that the errors might cost it up to $280 million (£225 million) before taxes.


The company discovered that several impacted employees had their leave improperly taken away on Australian national holidays. As a result, they were each due an average of six days of leave.

We apologize to any current or past employees who were harmed by these mistakes. The standards we anticipate at BHP are not met by this, according to Geraldine Slattery, president of BHP Australia.

She continued, “We are interested in resolving and remediating these concerns as soon as we can.

The company also disclosed that a review of its payroll processes had been ordered. In addition, it stated that on its August conference call for the full fiscal year, it would give an update on its investigations.

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The largest miner in the world is BHP, which has its headquarters in Melbourne.

The Escondida mine in Chile, the biggest copper mine in the world, with about 80,000 employees and contract workers there.

The company’s shares were also listed in Australia, and for about ten years it was a component of the blue chip FTSE 100 index in the UK.

The company removed its shares from the London market in January 2022 as a result of investor pressure to streamline its corporate structure.

The decision’s proponents contended that it would make it simpler for BHP to raise capital, close transactions, and distribute profits to shareholders.


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