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Moeen Ali claims that Ben Stokes is the only captain for whom he would have returned for The Ashes in 2023.

After Jack Leach’s back injury forced him to withdraw from the series against Australia, Moeen responded to England’s appeal.

In their last 13 Test matches, England has won 11 games because to captain Stokes’ innovative leadership style.

“Being a part of it is incredible. The lads have been playing great cricket, and it’s such an important series,” added Moeen.

Leach’s back stress fracture was discovered following England’s convincing victory over Ireland at Lord’s earlier this month.

Before Stokes learned of Leach’s injury, he phoned off-spinner Moeen, who announced his retirement from Test cricket in September 2021.

Moeen stated, “Stokesy messaged me with the question mark, ‘Ashes?'” I only replied, “LOL,’ assuming he was making fun of me.

“The news reached me, and I spoke with him. It ended there.

In April and May of this year, Moeen and Stokes played together for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.


One phrase sums up Ben Stokes’ teammates for the Ashes series.
Moeen from Warwickshire remarked, “I’ve obviously spent a lot of time with Stokesy during the IPL.”

“He made no mention of coming out of retirement; all he talked about was the Ashes and where he wanted to lead the squad. He must have seen me practice there because he believes I can bowl reasonably well.

Moeen, who has played in 64 Test matches and amassed 2,914 runs and 195 wickets, is expected to be named to the England squad for the opening Ashes match against Australia on Friday at Edgbaston. On the third day of the competition, he will turn 36.

Moeen is expected to be a good fit for the attacking style of cricket favored by Stokes and England coach Brendon McCullum because of his natural aggression with both the bat and the ball.

If any other captain had asked him to come out of retirement, Moeen responded, “Probably not, no.

It’s a great hit. I’m not competing for a position. Really, there is no pressure.

“Baz [McCullum] told me he doesn’t care how I perform, which is nice,” the speaker remarked.

“I want to succeed as an individual and help us win games. I’m going to strive to accomplish all I ever wanted to in Test cricket throughout these matches. It could be hazardous or not so hazardous. We shall see.

Stokes tells Isa Guha, “Make sure everything we do is a good time.”
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Moeen will be crucial to the England assault as the only frontline spinner, especially given that all-rounder Stokes has been dealing with a persistent left knee issue.

Stokes, 32, only bowled one over during the IPL and none at all against Ireland, but this week he shared a video of himself practicing in Scotland.

On Tuesday, he bowled once more at Edgbaston, despite having his knee severely braced. About 12 balls were delivered by Stokes, some after a full run-up.

Moeen disclosed that his wife had doubts about his choice and that he had to postpone a family vacation in order to participate in the Ashes.

He is available for the entire series even though England has just selected a team for the first two Test matches. He is not likely to extend his comeback for the upcoming trip of India, though.

Although Moeen won the Ashes in 2015, his lifetime record against the Australians is dismal; he averages roughly 65 with the ball.

He was dropped after the first Test at the same Edgbaston field where he would make his comeback in his previous Ashes series, which was played on home soil in 2019.

“It’s a little bit of a fresh start,” he remarked. “I rapidly move past those experiences. I’ve gone past those things and forgotten about them.

Moeen added that he “100%” anticipates being the focus of an Australian batter.

He said, “If I were them, I’d do the same.” Any spinner who entered the game would have come under attack. I don’t anticipate them standing up for me.

“I’m anticipating them to pursue me, which may be risky given that Stokesy like having the fielders up. It might go on numerous runs.


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