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Over-30s are considering a gap year in Australia as the age limit is raised.

The age restriction for all British residents has been raised from 30 to 60, which means that 16 million more persons are now eligible.

The modifications, which are popular with backpacker travellers, are a significant component of the two countries’ free trade deal, which was signed last year.

It will also be simpler for Australians to work and travel in the United Kingdom.

It follows an agreement between New Zealand and the United Kingdom to extend working holiday visas to anyone over the age of 35.

From 1 July 2024, the scheme will allow British citizens to work and live in Australia for up to three years, with numerous limits on the type of job that visitors are permitted to do eliminated.

A guideline dating back more than a decade required British working holidaymakers to complete 88 days of agricultural labour if they wished to stay in Australia for an additional year.

These restrictions are gradually being relaxed, allowing visitors to operate more freely across industries.

The three-year allowance is not required to be taken consecutively and may be utilized at any time up to the age of 35.

Sally Cope, Tourism Australia’s UK regional general manager, stated that there has been a surge in interest from foreign visitors in the upcoming major sporting events in Australia.

“It’s an exciting time, and big sporting events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Olympics in Brisbane in 2032 provide the type of temporary contract work that young visitors want.”

According to Tourism Australia, over 35,000 people from the United Kingdom arrive on working vacation visas each year, with many staying.

For Australians, restrictions are also loosening. From February 2024, the age limit will be raised to 35, rather than 30, and they will be permitted to stay for three years rather than two.

Among Europeans, Australia is a popular destination for young people.

Aside from the lifestyle benefits, earnings are slightly higher than in many other European countries.

Australia’s minimum salary is presently $21.38 (£11.22), while the UK’s minimum pay for individuals over the age of 23 is £10.42.


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