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Putin tells the Victory Day parade that Russia’s future is dependent on the Ukraine war.

During his annual Victory Day speech in Moscow, Vladimir Putin stated that Russia’s future “rests on” the soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

“There is nothing more important right now than your combat effort,” he declared.

For security reasons, the military parade commemorating the Soviet triumph over Nazi Germany was reduced this year.

Mr Putin also used his address to defend his invasion of Ukraine, blaming “Western globalist elites” of fomenting war.

Civilisation is once again “at a decisive turning point,” he remarked to a throng of only officials and veterans in Moscow’s Red Square, as the event was closed to the public.

Mr Putin told troops fighting in Ukraine, some of whom were there, that a “real war” had been “unleashed” on Russia. The truth is that Russia was the one that invaded Ukraine.

“The security of the country rests on you today, and the future of our statehood and our people depends on you,” he told them.

This was Russia’s second Victory Day parade since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

However, due to a spate of bombings and sabotage incidents around Russia in recent weeks, the celebrations have been cut back due to security concerns.

An alleged drone strike on the Kremlin was reported last week. Russia claimed it was an assassination attempt on Mr. Putin and laid the focus squarely at Ukraine and the US, both of which denied any involvement.

This year’s festival featured 3,000 fewer soldiers and military gear. The procession was shorter, and there was no military flyover or contemporary tanks, which are usually included. On Tuesday, the only tank on show was a World War II T-34.

However, for the first time since 2020, only a few international leaders were there.


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