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Reportedly, Nestle and Coca-Cola made false environmental claims.

Regarding the purported greenwashing, two environmental organizations and a consumer organization have filed a formal complaint with the European Commission.

They contend that no 100% of the materials used to make the bottles are recycled.

Danone stated that it is making investments in recycling, while Coca-Cola claimed that the messages on its packaging are verifiable.

Nestle has not yet responded.

When businesses misbrand products as being more sustainable, green, or eco-friendly than they actually are, it’s known as “greenwashing.” Customers who choose those products in the hopes of protecting the environment may be duped by it.

The companies’ claims that the single-use plastic water bottles they supply are either 100% recyclable or 100% recycled are the main subject of the complaint to the European Commission.

The environmental organizations Client Earth and the European Consumer Organization


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