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Shakira: Singer pays a $7.5 million fine to end a Spanish tax fraud case

Police wanted to put the artist in jail for eight years and fine her €23.8m (£20.8m) if she was found guilty. She paid the fine of €7.5m (£6.5m).

She was charged with tax theft in Barcelona and was given a €14.5m (£12.7m) fine.

Shakira has rejected many times that she did anything wrong. She said she settled “with the best interest of my kids at heart.”

That her kids “do not want to see their mom sacrifice her personal well-being in this fight” was in a long statement.

The performer had turned down a deal from the lawyers and chose to go to trial instead.

This year, Shakira performed in New York City.
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The case was mostly about where Shakira lived from 2012 to 2014.
“Throughout my career, I have always strived to do what’s right and set a positive example for others,” she told me.


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