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Stabbing ‘rampage’ injures at least 12 in South Korea

Twelve people were hurt in an attack near Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The guy plowed his car into four people at random, then jumped out and stabbed at least nine more at a crowded mall.

On Thursday, the incident occurred in Seongnam, a commuting town, close to a subway station during peak commuter hours.

The motive for the arrest of the man in his twenties remains unknown.

Everyone who was hurt was taken to the hospital, and some of them may have been critically hurt.

The attack was described as a “rampage” by local media because the man, clad in all black, is thought to have mounted the sidewalk and then entered a nearby retail center while brandishing a knife.

It was a “indiscriminate” attack, according to the country’s national police commissioner.

It’s the second stabbing in Seoul in roughly two weeks. Three people were hurt, and one person was killed.

Nevertheless, violent crime is uncommon in South Korea.


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